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  1. Amphitheatrum Flavium

    The Colosseum, seen from the top of Palatine hill at sunrise.

  2. Arch of Septimius Severus

    Built in A.D. 203 to commemorate the Roman victory over the Parthians

  3. Castel Sant'Angelo

  4. St. Peter's square

  5. 900px-IMG-1103.jpg

    Statue in the Atrium Vestae, or House of the Vestals.

  6. 900px-IMG-1118.jpg

    Photo taken from Palatine hill

  7. St. Peter's Bascilica

  8. 900px-IMG-0680.jpg

  9. 900px-IMG-0678.jpg

  10. Altare della Patria

    The Alter of the Fatherland

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